“Green hydrogen can contribute significantly to climate neutrality.”

When you read business news these days, ...

... or follow the stock markets, sooner or later you come across a gas: hydrogen is booming, because it can – as “green hydrogen” – make a significant contribution to the climate neutrality that many nations are striving for. At Messer, environmental protection and the responsible use of natural resources are important elements of our business activities and firmly anchored in our mission statement. The generation and marketing of green hydrogen is an important project; we are currently collaborating in this area with various organizations, partnerships and initiatives. You can learn more about this in the cover story of this issue of Gases for Life. Another topic that continues to dominate the headlines is the coronavirus pandemic. I hope with all my heart that with a prudent test and vaccination strategy, we will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. The spring sunshine is a natural ray of hope that is growing visibly stronger now in the northern regions of the Earth. Consider simply taking our Gases for Life magazine out in the open air with you on your tablet or smartphone – to enjoy the interesting content and fill your reservoir with new energy. But above all: stay healthy!


Stefan Messer

Owner and CEO of Messer Group GmbH