By: Marion Riedel, Messer Ibérica

Secure supply of medical gases for Covid patients in Burgos

Spain | Since early 2020, Messer has been supplying medical gases to Burgos University Hospital. Some of those gases are delivered in liquid form, for which Messer also installed the required tanks. Various other gases and gas mixtures are provided in cylinders. With more than 740 beds and 3,200 medical professionals, Burgos University Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the autonomous region of Castile and Léon.

It has its own mixer for the production of medical air. Messer plays an integral part in the maintenance of the gas supply system. On a monthly basis, the gas service outlets are inspected, the gas supply system is checked for leaks, and alarm tests are carried out.

During the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Burgos was one of the hot spots in the country. Because the university hospital treated most of the Covid cases, the demand for medical oxygen rose dramatically. Messer installed a mobile auxiliary tank along with an additional evaporator and made sure that tank trucks always replenished supplies on time. The use of high flow ventilators to treat patients produced dramatic results: the number of patients admitted to the intensive care unit, the number of patients intubated, and the average duration of the patients’ hospital stay were all reduced to half of what would have been required otherwise.