By: Tomasz Bławut, Messer Polska, and Antonin Kroupa, Messer Group

Oxygen for dairy wastewater treatment plant

Poland | In dairies, the cleaning of equipment generates large quantities of wastewater. Most of that wastewater is treated biologically in the dairies’ own water treatment plants. The Mlekovita dairy in Baranów has been treating its sewage sludge with oxygen from Messer since 2016, because the addition of oxygen increases the efficiency of the plant. Otherwise, the company would have had to expand its wastewater treatment plant. The gas also helps reduce equipment requirements and the use of chemicals.

In a test series, Messer had previously determined the optimal process conditions. This enabled the dairy to significantly reduce the quantity of wastewater it produces. Meanwhile, the production volume in Baranów has continuously increased. That’s why Messer installed a second O₂ injector in the wastewater treatment plant last year. Mlekovita is the largest diary company in Central and Eastern Europe and exports its products to more than 167 countries.