No 36 | June 2022

Gases for Life

The industrial gases magazine


ASUs in electricity-­saving mode

To recover industrial gases, air must be separated into its components during an energy-intensive process. Messer is now implementing specially fine-tuned control systems in its production units in order to optimize this process and save energy.



Industry 4.0 in Messer’s supply chain

The hype has subsided, but it continues to make progress behind the scenes: the path to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually coming to fruition. At Messer, for example, with semi-automated customer deliveries and a communicative ERP system.


Gray hydrogen with environ­mental benefits

In the Czech town of Bruntál, two steam reformers are supplying hydrogen (H₂) directly to manufacturing facilities that produce pure tungsten and other products. The new plant will eliminate about 700 truck deliveries per year.


News I


Kamilla Doktorska

Kamilla Doktorska has been working as a Product Manager at Messer in Poland for 25 years. Throughout that time, she has been responsible for medical and specialty gases.


Clean waste gas in surfactant production

Solvents are often volatile – and not only in the physical sense. Messer’s DuoCondex unit captures them reliably so they can be recycled or safely disposed of. A second unit was recently installed at Evonik in Steinau, Germany.

News II


Protecting personnel and the environment

The use of medical gases is widespread and spans a broad range of medical applications, such as anesthetics. But some of them are also extremely potent greenhouse gases. Messer and Medclair are working together to prevent the unnecessary release of such gases to the atmosphere.


More capacity

Some gases are very special. They demand the highest purity or precise mixing proportions in the ppb range. To serve its customers with an even more complete line of these products, Messer has significantly increased its specialty gas production capacities.


Practical test of hydrogen

Brainergy Park Jülich will demonstrate how green hydrogen economy works in everyday life. As a project partner, Messer is contributing the required gases expertise. Düren District Commissioner Wolfgang Spelthahn explains what is planned and how things stand.