By: Editorial Team

Argon from residual gas

Slovakia | Messer has installed an argon production plant at the Duslo chemical works in Šaľa. This is Messer’s first plant of this type. Argon is contained in the residual gases generated there in the ammonia synthesis process along with methane, nitrogen and syngas, a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen. The new plant also recovers those gases in the specified quality and feeds them back into the process.

“This project allowed us to demonstrate our competence in delivering innovative solutions. By using it to produce high-quality argon in Slovakia, we are also increasing supply reliability for our customers at the same time,” says Michal Pa’la, Managing Director of Messer in Slovakia. The plant operation is fully automated and highly energy efficient. At full capacity, the shorter truck transport routes will eliminate 1.4 metric tons of CO₂ emissions per day. Duslo and Messer have been working together for more than 25 years now. Duslo is part of the international Agrofert Group, which is active in the primary and chemical sectors, renewable energy, agriculture and forestry, agricultural trade, food production and the media.