By: Fabian Weber, ASCO Carbon Dioxide

ASCO dry ice blasting technology extends the life of casting molds

Germany | KSM Castings Group uses ASCOJET 1701 dry ice blasting machines to remove mold coatings and residual metal from gravity die casting molds. The company’s plant in Hildesheim uses those molds to produce lightweight cast aluminum products for the automotive industry. The choice of the ASCOJET machines was the result of a thorough selection process comparing several different blasting machines. “In terms of durability and performance, the ASCO test unit stood out in the selection process.

That’s why KSM Castings Group decided in early 2021 to make the ASCO dry ice blasting technology the standard at the Hildesheim plant,” according to KSM’s explanation. Parts of the molds are blasted several times per day; a complete cleaning is performed once or twice per week or as needed. In the past, this cleaning was done with abrasive sand blasting. Dry ice blasting extends the service life of the molds significantly.