No 34 | October 2021

Gases for Life

The industrial gases magazine


Dry ice protects mRNA vaccines

At -70°C, the mRNA vaccine against Covid-19 remains stable for a long time. Maintaining that temperature during vaccine transport is a real challenge that can be met in practice is best by cryogenic gases.



Bundled expertise for climate neutrality

Decarbonization – the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable, climate-neutral energy carriers – plays a key role in the battle against global climate change.


Enough oxygen for Covid-19 patients

In severe cases of Covid-19, artificial ventilation can save lives. For the continuous replenishment of medical oxygen, Messer created new capacities ad hoc.


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Pilar de la Azuela

Pilar de la Azuela has been working for Messer in Spain since 2005. Responsible for quality department there, she also serves on European level as Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) and for the post-market surveillance and vigilance of medical devices.

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CO₂ footprint reduced by about 40,000 metric tons*

Messer’s current Sustainability Report documents many positive developments in the areas of ecology, diversity and occupational safety and health.


Laser beam with a keen nose

Pharmaceutical packaging must be sealed to maintain the sterility of the contents and keep contaminants out. Seals are inspected using laser beams and sensors along with purge and calibration gases. Wilco has automated the process with high-tech machinery.

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Silos to feed the world

An integral part of all major harbor skylines, large silo batteries play a vital role in bulk goods logistics. Many of these giant tanks come from the Spanish manufacturer Symaga, which uses gases from Messer in its production operations.


Protecting the environment with H₂ trucks

"Of all the suppliers, Messer has demonstrated the greatest flexibility." (Jörg Merz, Auto AG Truck, Rothenburg, Switzerland)