“Climate protection and health – two topics that inspire us.”

Our Gases for Life cover a wide range of applications ...

... that never ceases to amaze me. Two of them are particularly noteworthy these days: clean hydrogen and medical oxygen. Under a cooperation agreement we signed with Siemens Energy, we are working together on clean hydrogen projects for industrial and mobility applications. That work aims to achieve extremely economical operation through the utilization of all byproducts, such as oxygen and heat. We are one of the project partners in the expansion of the real-world laboratory H Wyhlen, Germany, where a power-to-gas plant is using electrolysis to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Our job is to market that green hydrogen. Medical oxygen has been and remains an important, sometimes vital product. In these days of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have maximized production in order to satisfy continuously increasing demand. This would have been impossible had not everyone concerned gone the famous “extra mile.” And that special dedication really makes me proud – we have such a great team! This new issue of our Gases for Life magazine is also a team effort. I hope it brings you enjoyable reading and plenty of insights into our Gases for Life’s wide range of applications. Stay healthy!


Stefan Messer

Third generation shareholder and Chairman of the Board