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Gases for Life are hidden in numerous everyday products. Our editorial team gives a little insight where you can find them everywhere (from top left to bottom right): Diana Buss, Reiner Knittel, Dr Bernd Hildebrandt, Angela Giesen, Bernd Bartels, Kriszta Lovas, Zsolt Pekker, Annette Lippe, Dr Martin Dilla, Dr Christoph Erdmann and Marion Riedel (not pictured: Erika Hergottova, Dr Joachim Münzel, Roberto Talluto).

Editorial Team

Diana Buss – Editor-in-chief

Tel.: +49 2151 7811-251

Angela Giesen – Editor-in-chief

Tel.: +49 2151 7811-331

Dr. Martin Dilla, Specialty Gases

Dr. Christoph Erdmann, Engineering & Production

Erika Hergottova, Region Central Europe Dr. Bernd Hildebrandt, Application Technology

Reiner Knittel, Region Western Europe

Annette Lippe, Engineering & Production

Kriszta Lovas, Region Southeastern Europe

Dr. Joachim Münzel, Patents & Trademarks

Marion Riedel, Region Western Europe

Roberto Talluto, Application Technology Bernd Bartels, Corporate Communications

Concept and realization

Brinkmann GmbH

Mevissenstr. 64a, 47803 Krefeld, Germany

Text and editing

Klartext: von Pekker! Römerstr. 15, 79423 Heitersheim, Germany


Contextinc GmbH Elisenstr. 4 - 10, 50667 Cologne, Germany