Cooling gas filling station at world’s largest wholesale market

By: Emilien Frère and Christophe Henry, Messer France

France | Last May, Messer put a public EcoLIN station into operation in Rungis Market near Paris. The MID (Measuring Instrument Device) certified station was installed on the site of the world’s largest wholesale market for fresh produce. Vehicles that use liquid nitrogen to cool their refrigerated bodies can top up their supply of liquid nitrogen 24/7 at the station quickly, safely and automatically.

The project received financial support from the French Ecological Transition Agency (ADEME) as well as the operator of the market, SEMMARIS. “This investment is part of our Rungis Market sustainability program,” explains SEMMARIS CEO Stéphane Layani.

“We want to promote clean mobility and ensure that transport companies have access to the necessary resources directly on site. Messer has proven to be a competent and reliable partner in this project for more sustainable refrigerated logistics.” Liquid nitrogen produces a green and silent cold that emits neither particulate matter, nor NOx nor CO₂. Besides, trucks with diesel engines will be banned from Greater Paris from 2024 onwards, which also means that conventional cooling of truck bodies with diesel compressors will no longer be possible. This is another reason why logistics companies in the region are increasingly relying on refrigeration with cryogenic gases.