By: Editorial team

Helium balloon elevator for weather drones

Hungary | The Időké weather service plans to use a new technology for gathering meteorological data. It will combine conventional weather balloons with aerial drones. Although a helium-filled balloon can rise to altitudes of up to 40 kilometers, it cannot be steered and is left to the fate of the winds. Drones are also used in meteorological applications, but generally cannot fly more than a few hundred meters off the ground, so the data they collect are of only limited value.

According to plans developed by Időkép, in the future the drones will use the balloon as an elevator and will then be released at high altitude. This will enable both controlled steering and the collection of valuable data. Since the drones will be above the clouds, solar modules will help to extend their flying time. The weather service has always procured the helium for its balloons from Messer.