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Pilar de la Azuela

Pilar de la Azuela has been working for Messer in Spain since 2005. Responsible for quality department there, she also serves on European level as Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) and for the post-market surveillance and vigilance of medical devices.

What was your best “gases experience”? Obtaining the licenses for the manufacture and marketing of medical gases for Messer in Spain. Today that business represents about ten percent of our sales here in Spain. On the European level, I have managed to implement the high EU standards in relation to Pharmacovigilance and Post Market Surveillance and Vigilance for medicinal gases. When visiting your country, what should people be absolutely sure not to miss? Spain has a great deal to offer in terms of landscapes, historical cities, cultural treasures and culinary diversity. I live in Catalonia, a region with a wonderful climate, mountains and the sea. But I come from the town of Toledo, where Muslim, Jewish and Christian culture flourished together in the Middle Ages. I highly recommend a visit! What three things would you miss the least? Injustice, abuse of power, and all the misery that has accompanied the pandemic. Which famous person would you like to spend an evening with? With one of my favorite stars from the Spanish and international pop music scene. What would you still like to learn in your life? To play the piano or the violin. Maybe when I retire.

I live in Catalonia, a region with a wonderful climate, mountains and the sea.