By: Reiner Knittel, Messer Schweiz

Extended shelf life and flavor protection for vegan cheese

Switzerland | The vegan food trend continues unabated. And the Swiss manufacturer New Roots in Oberdiessbach is also seizing the opportunity. The company has been using plant-based materials to produce alternatives to soft cheese, cream cheese, cheese spread, crème fraîche, fondue and yogurt for the past six years. The protective gas Gourmet N70 is used to package the various cheese spreads. The most important raw material at New Roots is organically grown cashew nuts. This type of nut is cholesterol-free and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It contains almost no fiber, and for that reason provides very high yields during processing. With vegan fermentation cultures and a lot of manual labor, one kilogram of nuts can produce about two kilograms of cheese alternatives. And the company also places special emphasis on environmental compatibility and sustainability in their packaging. The protective gas extends shelf life and helps prevent food waste.