By: Cosmin-Claudiu Binder, Messer Industriegase

Hydrogen for a public bus

Germany | In late summer 2021, Messer supplied hydrogen (H₂) for the trial operation of a fuel cell-powered public bus in the Waldshut-Tiengen district. The four-week test phase successfully investigated the practical feasibility of the vehicle. The bus carried passengers on the established routes in normal operation. The mobile H₂ fuel pump for the trial was installed by IGT Industrie Gase Technik of Ühlingen. One fill-up with 38 kilograms

holds enough fuel for up to 400 kilometers, which more than suffices for the distance typically traveled over the course of a day, about 300 kilometers. Starting from 2023, the public transportation service SBG Südbadenbus plans to deploy ten such environmentally sound buses. They will then be operated with green hydrogen, some of which will be supplied by Messer from the hydroelectric-powered electrolysis unit in Grenzach-Wyhlen.