By: Fabian Weber, ASCO Carbon Dioxide

First ISO-certified CO₂ recovery plant from ASCO

Canada | Together with HTC Extraction Systems, ASCO delivered a system for recovering carbon dioxide (CO₂) to InnoTech Alberta. Designated SGR285, the unit extracts six metric tons of CO₂ per day from the flue gas of a natural gas-fired power plant. It is the world’s first CO₂ recovery plant certified according to ISO 14034 ETV. The certification was carried out by the independent consulting firm 350Solutions.

It verified the system based on six test parameters: size of the operation, CO₂ separation efficiency, CO₂ production rate, CO₂ product quality, and energy and water consumption. Ralph Spring, Managing Director of ASCO is proud of this premiere: “We hope that this project raises awareness of the possibilities of CO₂ recovery in particular and of environmental protection in general.”