Bright architecture with noble gas insulation

By: Editorial Team

Switzerland | Flachglas Schweiz, the insulated glass specialist with locations in Wikon and Thun, uses argon and krypton from Messer. The noble gases are used to manufacture insulated glass with especially high thermal insulation values. “In a single-family home with about 40 square meters of glass area, triple glazing can cut CO₂ emissions by up to 1,700 kilograms per heating period versus conventional insulated glass,” explains Procurement Manager Rolf Kiener. “With double glazing, we can achieve a thermal transmittance of just 1.0 W/m2K. And triple glazing reduces the Ug value even further to 0.4.”

The outstanding insulating characteristics are achieved by coating the glass panes with noble metals and filling the space between the panes with noble gases. Such panes create the necessary conditions for the generous architectonic use of glass in light-flooded buildings that nevertheless provide good thermal insulation.