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Von: Fabian Weber, ASCO Kohlensäure

Keeping streetcars clean with dry ice blasting

Switzerland | Since early 2020, Bernmobil has been using the ASCOJET 1701 dry ice blasting machine to clean various vehicle components – including, among other things, streetcar gearboxes. The Swiss capital’s public transportation service used to clean them manually with brushes, rags and cleaning agents. It took about one and a half hours per gearbox. And there was also no way to avoid leaving dirty residues behind or prevent moisture from penetrating the gearbox.

With the dry ice blasting machine, a thorough cleaning just takes a good 20 minutes now, and the gearbox stays perfectly dry. Michael Aufdenblatten, Streetcar Project Manager at Bernmobil, is very satisfied with the new method: “Dry ice blasting cleaning systems are still relatively uncommon in our industry, but they offer many benefits, both technical and economic. We would never give up our ASCO dry ice blasting machine now.”