By: Emir Tebib, Messer SE & Co. KGaA, and Christophe Henry, Messer France

Online food delivered with dry ice snow cooling

France | O’logistique, a subsidiary of retail chain Casino Group, relies on SnowDrop units from Messer and MiniCryo boxes from Olivo Cold Logistics when delivering frozen food to end customers in the Greater Paris area. The content of the delivery boxes is reliably cooled for up to 18 hours thanks to dry ice snow safely secured in the lid. The dry ice snow is freshly produced at the fulfilment center using a Messer-patented SnowDrop machine and then automatically put into the lids. “This is the best solution for a sustainable cold chain,” emphasizes Thomas Ors, who is responsible for e-commerce transport solutions at Casino Group.

“It allows us to improve our logistics performance, meet customers’ expectations and overcome the challenges of refrigerated transport in urban areas.” The dry ice snow is produced using liquid CO₂ supplied by Messer. The gas is recovered from industrial waste gases and is, therefore, environmentally neutral. In France, Casino Group is one of the pioneers of e-commerce for the food sector. Located near Paris, O’logistique state-of-the-art robotized fulfilment center guarantees next-day delivery within a one-hour time slot chosen by the customer.