By: Eckhard Steuber and Andreas Szabo, Messer Industriegase

3D pioneer reduces ecological footprint with EcoVap

Germany | At FKM Sintertechnik in Biedenkopf, Messer has installed new liquid nitrogen tanks and an EcoVap unit to make use of cooling energy. The gas is used for inertization in various sub-processes. The EcoVap unit is installed in the return line of a cooling plant, where it transmits the cold that the liquefied gas releases to the surrounding coolant. That enables FKM to save energy, cut costs and reduce the size of its ecological footprint. The company is a German and European pioneer in 3D printing for extremely demanding applications.

It uses shielding gases and process gases from Messer in its major processing steps, including powder transport, the actual 3D printing, and post-production heat treatment. FKM has a fleet of machines comprising more than 40 units as well as comprehensive expertise in the area of additive manufactured components made of plastic and metal. Messer has been providing expert application support to the 3D specialist for many years now. In this most recent expansion of FKM’s Biedenkopf facilities, Messer installed new liquid nitrogen tanks along with other equipment.